Countdown to FUN!

Published May 10, 2011 by jay p laughlin

My days of working from home are numbered and I’ll soon be able to focus all of my attention on ZK. But this does not mean that my last month of working will be without its challenges.

The timing of all of this could not be better because ZK is gradually wanting more of my attention. Well, it would be better if my last day was today because she wants my attention now. Up to this point, however, my working arrangement has been ideal. Until recently, as I type away while working at my computer ZK has been content to play with her toys on her play-mat or sleep in her swing. This has all started to change.

I must admit that this final month of work is only possible because ZK is mobility challenged. She cannot yet crawl and she certainly cannot walk. Which has meant that when I place her on her play-mat she stays there. It has always been very difficult to focus on work though because she is so damn cute! I always want to turn around and watch her play instead of working. (I wouldn’t go so far as to say that a cute child mixed with work-from-home is a recipe for disaster, but it does require discipline). I tell her to quit being cute ALL the time so that I can get some work done. This, as you might imagine, does not work.

ZK has never been much of a cry-baby. She tends to cry mostly when she’s hungry or tired. So, although she has wanted more of my attention lately, she never cries for it. She does, however, give me the most heart-breaking look of disappointment when she sees that I’m returning to my chair. This look of disappointment is rivaled only by her look of ecstatic joy that she has when she sees that I’m finally coming to pick her up…oh, this little girl is good.

You know you want to play

But now she has taken ownership of this whole matter of me not playing with her. Mobility challenged is not the same as mobility fixed and she now understands the value of the roll.

It started with little grunts. Not an unusual amount…to me it sounded like her normal struggles with her toys on the play-mat. But they continued and they got louder. The movement caught at the extreme of my peripheral vision startled me at first but when I looked down, there she was…

Upside down and staring, she even brought one of her toys. Like I’ve said, she doesn’t cry for attention…in some ways it might be better if she did…she stares…makes her cute baby noises…chews on her toy…and never lets her gaze falter. It’s a stare of pleading and expectation. I can resist it only long enough to snap a photo and say, “You win ZK, let’s play!”


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