Milestones and Firsts

Published May 13, 2011 by jay p laughlin

The first thing that I’ve learned about a baby’s milestones and firsts is that they come at unexpected moments. Last night was one of those moments…ZK’s first wave. One of the great things about it was that four of us witnessed it…and, perhaps even cooler, she waved at Paul.

The night started with Jenni, ZK, and I going to an event with Paul and KayLee. ZK enjoyed the attention she received upon entering the building. Multiple people approached us to comment on how cute she is…even when she had an enormous stringer drool that was half the length of her body. I’m usually good about cleaning her drool before it gets too bad but this time I missed it and it happened to quickly to respond. The drool was quite large and it swung back and forth a couple of times – like a piece from a perpetual motion machine – before the tension broke and it fell to the floor. I heard the faint “tick” over the conversational drone as it hit the ground.

The noise in the place proved a bit too much for ZK so we decided to leave. The four of us were talking together with ZK in the stroller laughing at the wind. When we stopped at an intersection to wait for the light ZK looked up at Paul and started to wave at him. It was the first deliberate wave that we’ve witnessed.

I think it melted all of us particularly because she waved at Paul. Paul and KayLee are wonderful friends who live only a few doors away in our townhouse complex. We see them regularly and ZK has been around them since she was three days old. Paul, ZK, and I even had Zombie nights together (Ok, so usually ZK would fall asleep, but that still counts. It’s especially appropriate because the first phrase I’m going to teach her to say is “Eat Braiiinssss!”). However, on three consecutive occasions recently ZK has cried when Paul came to visit. On the one hand, everyone understands that babies ZK’s age go through phases of being afraid but, on the other hand, I think it still made us all kind of sad that she became afraid of Paul. Needless to say, the fact that she waved to Paul first had us all thrilled…and waving back….a LOT…Hi ZK…wave…Hi ZK…wave…Yeah, Hi…Hi…Hi ZK…wave…and so on.

Adults can be ridiculous when it comes to cute babies.


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