Safe in Her Little Slice of Heaven

Published August 26, 2011 by jay p laughlin

Buckles swashed and about 2 feet into high-adventure, we discover a treasure worthy of epic song and poetry. Bards will recall with reverence the discovery of this magnificent object of wonder. It’s a veritable kiddo Shangri-La called, the neglecto-device (also known as, the toy-box).

We were sad when ZK outgrew her swing. It wasn’t just that boxing it up and relegating it to storage was another in a long list of signs that ZK is growing. She loved the swing and would spend hours in it, which meant that we lost one more item in our toolbox of comfort supplies. These things are important, vitally so.

Fortunately, on this day we stumbled upon our greatest discovery. It started as an ordinary day adventuring (as usual, those pesky yard gnomes were nowhere in sight), when we entered the middle floors of the labyrinth we discovered a large, beautiful, ornate box. Surely this, of all boxes, held treasure. Knowing that random treasure boxes in labyrinthine corridors are prone to traps (I am, after all, an experienced role-playing gamer), we did a quick game of rock-paper-scissors to settle who opens the box.


“D’oh, again! You always pick rock and I always lose!”

It was my turn to open the box. With ZK held in my left arm, I carefully opened the box with my right. Her face beamed with delight as the lid gradually rose to its limit.


Yes, toys! Stuffed animals to be exact: owls, cats, dragons, wyverns, baby-dolls, turtles, and elephants. By all accounts it was a good score.

When I held ZK over the toys to pick the one she wanted to play with, it was clear that she couldn’t choose. So I placed her in the toy-box. At that point she couldn’t contain her excitement. Squeaks, squeals, and laughs all kind of blended together as she played…and played…and played. I took my leave to finish a few chores. She played…and played…and played. But then, about an hour and a half later, all was silent…

Powers are spent, extended rest required

…and, safe in her little slice of heaven, she couldn’t resist the power of the box’s restful enchantment. That’s how I discovered the true nature of this glorious object, the neglecto-device.

(It’s infinitely better than that has-been old swing anyhow).


3 comments on “Safe in Her Little Slice of Heaven

  • OH. MY. Absolutely adorable pictures!! It must be my pregnancy hormones (due with our 1st this Feb!) but those pictures melted me!! Glad she had fun with all of those stuffed animals, etc!

  • Jessica, I know, right? It’s hard to get anything done outside of playing with ZK. She’s just too cute and she ALWAYS wins.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy. I take it from a quick read of your blog that this is your first as well. Little kiddos are so much fun!

    Anyway, thank you very much for reading. I appreciate it!


    (D’oh, you said “due with our 1st this Feb”…I read that as “due on the 1st of Feb.”

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