Year One!

Published November 7, 2011 by jay p laughlin

I'm 1 year old now...

ZK is now a year old and is just as delightful as ever. It still shocks us that a year has already passed since she was born. If the next 10, or 20, pass as quickly as the first I’ll be a decrepit, former-slayer faster than I’d like to believe.

In the week leading up to her birthday, we were taken off guard by an invisible foe. Those of you keeping up with ZK’s training will be familiar with her new dragon-slaying training (she’s progressing splendidly!), but I failed to account for the micro-dragons, the intestinal variety.

During this week I half-wished that ZK cried more often than she does. On day one of the micro-dragon attack, she cried more than she had in her entire first year. Emotionally, I was unprepared. On the one hand, I just went about my normal parenting duties — changing diapers, feeding, comforting her, playing with her (in the oh-so-brief calms) — and presented an air of normalcy. On the other hand, on the inside I was a wreck and felt like a failure as a parent. To make matters worse, the nature of this attack was such that I had to change ZK’s diapers…OFTEN. This led to a severe case of diaper rash.

And the diaper rash was the true emotional sucker-punch. With every diaper change, with every wipe, I was causing ZK more pain than I had ever caused anyone in my life. Granted, it wasn’t intentional, I know. But at the time that just didn’t matter. Forget her crying…the pain was so great that her body would go rigid and her legs would convulse with just the slightest touch of the cloth. (Aren’t I supposed to be the one that fixes all the hurts and takes away all the pain? I very definitely think that that is the rule. Ok, maybe it’s an unwritten rule, but it’s a rule damn-it!).  I called the doctor to see if there was anything we could do but, unfortunately, other than the things we were already doing to treat the diaper rash and keep her hydrated, they said we just had to let it run its course. (Oh, and it should be cleared up in 7-10 days!).

Sigh! Eight days and it was done.

...and I like swings.

The bright side of her twelfth month is that ZK has discovered a new joy…swing sets. I suspected that she’d like them when she was big enough to sit in the swing unsupported and, sure enough, she loves it. Swing…swing…swing…thirty minutes of swinging and she’s still not had enough.

Next step: working in some proper sword wielding techniques while in mid-swing. Followed by an off-hand, dragon-slayin’, coup de grâce (of the epic sort).


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