Year 1.5

Published April 17, 2012 by jay p laughlin

It's your turn Mama.

I took this photo this morning and thought it was perfect to represent her 18 month mark. While ZK went through an earlier eat-the-books phase (what Jenni called early stages of content digestion), she now just loves to look at her books and have us read them to her. Repeatedly. When we finish the book she either taps it to signal another reading, takes it to the other parent to read, or gets another book. This photo was taken first thing in the morning, before we packed her up for her morning walk. Book in hand, and laughing, we couldn’t resist . As you can see, her hair is still fine enough that it can be lifted by even the slightest movement of air from the vents.

Our favorite mall has a floor-style chess board for public games. The pieces are large and some of them are nearly as tall as ZK. Undeterred, she still likes to play with them. She patiently waits for an opponent but none seem willing. Is it the ice-cold stare? or perhaps that she insists on playing by her own rules, ‘slayer-style’, which pretty much just means she takes the pieces that she chooses and removes them at her fancy? I’m not sure…but I think the ice-cold toddler stare-down might be it.

Is this yours? Because I think it's mine now.


These really are the days…you know those times when squealing 2 octaves over high C when you are excited is a completely normal thing to do. Or, when you think the food you are eating is soo good that it deserves to be worn as a mask. Speaking of food…this girl loves it, as in, everything. Pickled-ginger, sushi, avocado, wilted greens, you name it and she likes it. There’s even a photograph of a large hamburger on a poster in the mall that every time we pass it by ZK says MMMMM. We don’t feed her hamburgers, she just inherently knows that it’s food.

New words are also in the works. She doesn’t use a lot of them independently (with the exception of ‘side as she pats the front door to go outside) but she’s getting better at articulating what she repeats. Our favorite at the moment is her new-found ability to say her name. She can say it pretty clearly but sometimes she pronounces it like Zoo-way, and othertimes it’s Zoo-zoo. This is particularly funny to us because of the origin of her name. We named her after one of the title characters in JD Salinger’s novel Franny and Zooey. However, we didn’t want to spell her name with two o’s because Jenni thought some people might pronounce it Zoo-ee. And here she is, calling herself Zoo-way and Zoo-zoo.

Still a budding comedienne, ZK somehow picked up on the “psyche” jokes. It starts innocently when she offers to give us a piece of her food. However, about the second or third bite that she offers, she withdraws very quickly, Psyche!, and laughs with delight. I have no idea where she got this idea from. We’d never done that to her before but now sometimes return the favor. She likes that too.

On the romance front, she couldn’t care less about her first kiss. They see each other regularly at the play gym but it’s as if nothing happened. He’s a nice enough kid, but I think ZK has picked up on something…he’s not training to be a slayer. Unfortunately, this means that, when the Zombie-king returns – as prophesied – and starts the graveyard clearing Zombie-apocalypse, this guy will be toast. Brain-toast, that is. ZK knows that you just can’t have a romance with someone with no survival skillz.


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