Published April 24, 2012 by jay p laughlin

Mean-muggin' like her Pop. (Well, workin' on it anyway).

It’s not always all fun and games for little kiddos. This is particularly true for lil’ zombie-slayers in training. But sometimes, temporary halts to the fun and games come at unpredictable moments.

Imagine, for example, being a spritely little doodle-hopper, minding your own business, occasionally squealing at new found objects to examine, and generally just basking in your joie de vivre. Then, quite suddenly and out of nowhere, the floor-mounted door stop grabs you by the foot and rips your brand new flowered sandals off of your foot. This is then followed by a double-team potshot: the floor giving you a sucka-punch in the nose. Trip-BAM! Just like that. The result is a crimson fountain from the nasal cavities and a sweater that looks like a murder scene.

Magnifying the insult of this cowardly sneak-attack is the fact that it happens in front of your favorite toy store. Touché, life.

Well, it’s not just a story to imagine but an exact re-telling of ZK’s morning. There were two bright spots to come out of the whole incident, however. First, after teaching her how to stanch a gushing wound, to get rid of the evidence, and to brush off the pain, we shared a warm molasses cookie.  Second, we reviewed the unexpected incident, slayer-style. Because when the Zombie-king returns, as prophesied, and the brain-eating dead ressurect from their graves in the coming Zombie-apocalypse, well, they just might try an underhanded sneak attack starting with a foot-grab while you’re walking past their interred hiding place. Cowards.

I couldn’t have planned the lesson any better. It is one of the marks of a Master-slayer to be able to turn the unexpected into a training moment.


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