And Now We are 3…Almost

Published August 8, 2013 by jay p laughlin

Wow…It’s been many months since my last post! I promise it’s not that I’ve forgotten. I’d like to say that it’s because our days together are so busy that I just cannot find the time for it (ok, it’s partially that) but, if I’m being honest, it’s because ZK is growing up so fast that I’d be sobbing harder than I do at that scene, you know, in….Dirty Dancing. OYG!, <sob> it’s already starting.

The Other side of the Rabbit hole.

The Other side of the Rabbit hole.

She’s rapidly approaching 3 and will soon be in a pre-ballet class. This is great because she loves being a ballerina and loves dancing. Telling her that she was going to be a ballerina, and that ballerinas don’t wear diapers, motivated her to nearly 100% success in potty training…from that day forward. This parenting stuff is a piece.of.cake.

Jenni and I have taken her with us dancing in the past but can’t continue with it because ZK wants to dance between us. That’s great if we’re encouraging her to dance, not so great if we want to dance ourselves. In the meantime, we rely on grandma (pronounced bran-ma) to watch her on the 1-2 nights we go swing dancing/Lindy Hopping. ZK has even started to develop an ear for swing music. When she hears the band that she recognizes she’ll say, in her sweet voice, “ohh, is that Big Bad Voodoo Daddy?” I will never grow tired of hearing her say that. Now, once I get her to say “ohh, is that Reverend Horton Heat?” I’ll have died and gone to heaven (the real one!). I’ll make a lil’Rockabilly girl outta her yet.

For the longest time, ZK’s use of swear words were unintentional stumblings upon the pronunciations of taboo words. However, I recently had to confront my own profuse colorful language when she said “shit!” after dropping her toy while getting in the car. I wasn’t sure if I heard her correctly so I asked her what she said. She looked at me very seriously, furrowed her brow, and said with completed intensity and intention…”ShhIT!” Well, ok then. On relating the story to Jenni, she asked what I did in response. “Nothing,” I said, “it was context appropriate.”



ZK loves…loves, loves…frilly and/or flowy skirts and dresses. So I’ve taken up a little bit of sewing and made her a couple of circle skirts. She asks to wear them all the time so they get washed frequently. I’m extremely pleased that she enjoys the effort I put into making them. At the park today, she demonstrated that she’s already grasped the concept of “hiking” her skirt when it gets in the way of climbing the playground equipment. I’ll make every skirt/dress that she’ll ever want/need if she keeps up with the encouragement.

Ok, the <sniff> sobs are sneaking <sniff> up on me again.

© 2013 Jay P Laughlin


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