Published August 23, 2013 by jay p laughlin
Super Trooper

Super Trooper

This week we saw some significant improvement in ZK’s slayer-training. The water harpies at a nearby fountain were particularly vicious so ZK didn’t get away unscathed. In the midst of a mind-blowing, super joyful, way-fast run, one of the harpies grabbed her by the foot, in true underhanded ne’er-do-well fashion, causing a hard five point landing on ZK’s part. Two knees and one hand injured by cold hard earth, the other hand and her chin injured by the fountain wall. Well played…harpies.

It’s funny how quickly delight turns to tragedy sometimes. The laugh quickly became a cry as she looked at her hands in disbelief. Setting her in my lap, she said, “oh, no!” as she looked at her scraped knees. In little sobs, she said, “is it all better?” (I should point out that this isn’t asking me the question. Instead, ZK has this way of letting us know that she wants us to say something by, well, saying it. Only by the experience of context clues do we know when wants us to repeat what she’s just said in this fashion. The linguistic cues are non-existent).

“Is it all better?” I ask.

<Sniff> “Yeah.”

Fastfoward three days:

“I’m hungry,” she says. “I want sushi.”

Well, ok then. We head to our favorite sushi place to celebrate Jenni’s first day at her (kindofabigdeal) new job. ZK is proudly sitting in the big girl chair while Pat, Jenni, and I are talking.

“<mumble mumble> my bonk,” she says.

“What?” Jenni and I say in unison. ZK has a funny face and looks to be trying to get something out of her mouth.
ZK 34months004“I ate my bonk,” she repeats.

The look on Jenni’s face is of complete, utter disgust. In what I swear to be the last laugh in the fight against the harpies, ZK has employed a little bit of sympathetic magic to defeat them…she ate the scab from her chin.

“Was it yummy?” I ask, eliciting a look from Jenni.



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